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Question 1: That the dollar sign goes back to the most important Roman coin, the ________, which had the letters 'HS' as its currency sign.

Question 2: currency in 1785, together with the term "________" and the $ sign.
United States dollarCayman Islands dollarDollarJamaican dollar

Question 3: There are a number of other theories about the origin of the symbol, some with a measure of academic acceptance, others the symbolic equivalent of ________.
False etymologyDutch languageEtymologySwedish language

Question 4: That the dollar sign was derived from or inspired by the mint mark on the Spanish pieces of eight that were minted in Potosí (in present day ________).

Question 5: In ________ systems the $ is often part of the command prompt, depending on the user's shell and environment settings.
Mac OS XUnix-likeGNULinux

Question 6: The dollar sign did not appear on U.S. coinage until February 2007,[citation needed] when it was used on the reverse of a $1 coin authorized by the ________.
Dollar coin (United States)Presidential $1 Coin ProgramPenny (United States coin)Hillary Rodham Clinton

Question 7: An alchemic sigil for ________ dating at least as far back as the early eighteenth century.

Question 8: $ is used by the prompt command in ________ to insert special sequences into the DOS command prompt string.
MS-DOSFile Allocation TableDOSCP/M

Question 9: According to a plaque in St Andrews, Scotland, the dollar sign was first cast into type at a foundry in ________, United States in 1797 by the Scottish immigrant John Baine.
PittsburghHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaAllentown, Pennsylvania

Question 10: In many versions of ________, $ could be used as an alternative to a quotation mark for delimiting strings.
FortranC (programming language)Programming paradigmProgramming language

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