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Dogs in religion: Quiz


Question 1: “Sagdid” means “dog sight” in the ________ in which the Zoroastrian scriptures are written.
Avestan languagePashto languageTajik languageKurdish language

Question 2: Additionally many Muslim theologians have argued that the dog is not an unclean animal based on the inclusion of a dog among the ________ as recorded in the 18th verse of the 18th chapter of the Qur'an, [16] which reads:
ChristianityJacobus de VoragineSeven SleepersDecius

Question 3: In 1808 the English poet ________ expressed similar thoughts in his famous poem Epitaph to a Dog:
George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronPercy Bysshe ShelleyMary ShelleyWilliam Blake

Question 4: The dog is one of the 12 animals honored in ________.
Astrological signWu XingChinese astrologyChinese zodiac

Question 5: A dog is mentioned in the deuterocanonical ________, faithfully accompanying Tobias, Tobit's son and the angel Raphael on their journeys.
Old TestamentBook of EstherBook of TobitDeuterocanonical books

Question 6: Saint Guinefort was the name given to a dog who received local veneration as a ________ at a French shrine from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries.
JesusSaintOrthodox ChurchChristianity

Question 7: A black and white dog is sometimes used as an informal symbol of the Dominican order of friars, religious sisters and ________.
The ReverendClergyVenerableNun

Question 8: It is said that he caught the ________ while doing charitable work and went into the forest, expecting to die.
Black DeathPandemicBlack Death migrationPlague (disease)

Question 9: The feast day of Saint Roch, August 16, is celebrated in ________ as the "birthday of all dogs."[12]

Question 10: The ________ recognizes Saint Roch (also called Saint Rocco), who lived in the early 1300s in France, as the patron saint of dogs.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPopePope Gregory I


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