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  • as a result of dog shows, dog fanciers established stud books and began refining breeds from the various types of dogs in use?

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Question 1: Although many ________ also belong to one or more types, dog types are not recognized by kennel clubs.
Dog breedMixed-breed dogPurebred (dog)Conformation show

Question 2: A dog type can be referred to broadly, as in Bird dog, or more specifically, as in ________.
SpanielPapillon (dog)Cavalier King Charles SpanielDrentse Patrijshond

Question 3: In 1758, ________ in Systema naturae named the domestic dog “familiaris” and added other dog classifications or species.
BiologyCarl LinnaeusBotanyCharles Darwin

Question 4: Types re-emerge from mixes of breeds, like the Longdogs from Lurchers and ________.
BeaglePharaoh HoundAfghan HoundGreyhound

Question 5: "English dogs": the gentle (ie well-bred) kind, serving game - harriers, terriers, ________, gazehounds, greyhounds, limers, tumblers and stealers; "the homely kind"; "the currish kind", toys.
BeagleBloodhoundBorzoiBasset Hound


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