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Question 1: Paramount Pictures tried to repeat the success of Flaherty's Nanook and Moana with two romanticized documentaries, Grass (1925) and Chang (1927), both directed by ________ and Ernest Schoedsack.
Merian C. CooperClifford H. PopeJames L. ClarkDonald Baxter MacMillan

Question 2: in association with the ________, 1989.
British Film InstituteImperial War MuseumBBCChannel 4

Question 3: Joris Ivens Award: most prestigious ________ (IDFA) award (named after Joris Ivens)
International Documentary Film Festival AmsterdamGermanyRussiaUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Cambridge, UK: ________, 2001.
EnglandOxford University PressCambridge University PressAuthorized King James Version

Question 5: One of the most notorious propaganda films is ________'s film Triumph of the Will (1935).
Das Blaue LichtAdolf HitlerLeni RiefenstahlTiefland (film)

Question 6: (In contrast, ________ concentrated primarily on getting their process adopted by Hollywood studios for fictional feature films.)
Warner Bros.TechnicolorColor motion picture filmRKO Pictures

Question 7: Although "documentary film" originally referred to movies shot on film stock, it has subsequently expanded to include video and digital productions that can be either ________ or made for a television series.
Blu-ray DiscFuturamaDirect-to-videoOriginal video animation

Question 8: In the 1960s and 1970s, documentary film was often conceived as a political weapon against neocolonialism and capitalism in general, especially in ________, but also in a changing Quebec society.
AmericasLatin American cultureLatin AmericaSouth America

Question 9: ________ is the complex process of creating documentary projects.
SurveillanceDocumentary filmDocumentary practiceSousveillance

Question 10: Early color motion picture processes such as ________ and Prizmacolor used travelogues to promote the new color process.
Color motion picture filmCharles UrbanKinemacolorLondon

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