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Question 1: ________ - Comparison to other XML Schema languages.
.NET FrameworkXML Schema Language ComparisonRELAX NGXML Schema (W3C)

Question 2: XML uses a subset of ________ DTD.
Markup languageStandard Generalized Markup LanguageHTMLHTML5

Question 3: One can render this in an XML-enabled browser (such as IE5 or ________) by pasting and saving the DTD component above to a text file named example.dtd and the XML file to a differently-named text file, and opening the XML file with the browser.
MozillaMozilla FirefoxMozilla Application SuiteCamino

Question 4: Document Type Definition (DTD) is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for SGML-family markup languages (SGML, XML, ________).
ECMAScriptPortable Document FormatHTMLOpenDocument

Question 5: DTDs persist in applications which need special publishing characters such as the XML and HTML Character Entity References, which were derived from the larger sets defined as part of the ________ SGML standard effort.
ISO 3166ISO 3166-1OpenDocumentInternational Organization for Standardization

Question 6: As of 2009 newer XML Namespace-aware schema languages (such as W3C XML Schema and ________ RELAX NG) have largely superseded DTDs.
ISO 3166-1International Organization for StandardizationISO 3166OpenDocument


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