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Question 1: Non-Prototypical Documents: Post-it notes, ________ strips, maps, paintings, milk cartons, cereal boxes
Cajun cuisineFortune cookieAmerican Chinese cuisineItalian-American cuisine

Question 2: Prosumer workflows: Content repositories such as ________ radically alter traditional document production workflows by blurring roles such as author and editor.
German WikipediaUrdu WikipediaWikipediaEnglish Wikipedia

Question 3: XML is underlying most document formats today (OpenDocument or ________).
Office Open XML file formatsPortable Document FormatOffice Open XMLC Sharp (programming language)

Question 4: Canonical Documents: Code of law, statute, ________, religious text
ConstitutionUnited KingdomEnglandDemocracy

Question 5: Document Authoring Technology: This sector supports a huge variety of digital and physical production technologies, ranging from Microsoft Word to ________ to advanced layout software.

Question 6: ________ enabled information to be stored electronically in databases and electronic files on magnetic tapes, drums, and disks.
ComputerLinuxPersonal computerCentral processing unit

Question 7: Functional Documents: ________ (PDF) files, PostScript files, XML files, email
HTMLPortable Document FormatOpenDocumentOffice Open XML

Question 8: A ________ reads the content and evaluates it with respect to the intended audience.
ReviewScientific literatureConservatismAcademic publishing

Question 9: Books: ________, novels, cookbooks, encyclopedias, comic books
HomerTextbookAncient GreeceConnected Mathematics

Question 10: A ________ organizes, tracks borrowing of, and archives documents.
Library scienceLibrarianLibraryEducation for librarianship

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