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Doctor Who spin-offs: Quiz


Question 1: A series of audio plays have also been webcast on, beginning with ________ in 2001.
Zagreus (audio drama)Death Comes to TimeThe Harvest (audio drama)Seventh Doctor

Question 2: They both star ________ as Dr.
Peter CushingAndré MorellChristopher LeeHammer Film Productions

Question 3: The initial three novelisations had been published in various editions both inside and outside the United Kingdom (editions appeared in the Netherlands, ________ and the United States).
The BahamasBarbadosCanadaBelize

Question 4: Concept art for an animated Doctor Who series was produced by animation company ________ in the 1980s, but the series was not produced.
Corus EntertainmentNelvanaKidsCoTélétoon (Canadian TV channel)

Question 5: The strip also featured the Mechanoids, seen in The Chase, and one annual featured ________ and the Space Security Service.
The Daleks' Master PlanSara KingdomIan ChestertonCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 6: A comic strip also regularly appeared in the pages of ________.
DalekDoctor Who MagazineCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who spin-offs

Question 7: ________ by Douglas Adams (not originally completed for broadcast after television production was postponed in 1979, but completed with narration for video, then remade as a webcast in 2003)
Doctor Who story chronologyShadaTerror FirmaEighth Doctor

Question 8: The hunger for more Doctor Who on television, especially between the show's cancellation in 1989 and its return in 2005, was partly answered by ________ productions by various companies.
FuturamaBlu-ray DiscDirect-to-videoOriginal video animation

Question 9: They include writer ________ and modelmaker Mike Tucker.
Reece ShearsmithMark GatissDoctor Who spoofsDoctor Who

Question 10: Selected stories were reprinted in North America by ________, which was also the publisher of Doctor Who Magazine at the time.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel Animation

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