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Doctor Sivana: Quiz


Question 1: He is seen during the famous speech by ________.
Jimmy CarterJohn F. KennedyLyndon B. JohnsonHarry S. Truman

Question 2: In ________ this character was named "Dr.
Brazilian PortugueseAngolan PortuguesePortuguese dialectsPortuguese language

Question 3: Sivana had captured Mind, a ________ who happened to be another of Captain Marvel's villains, and the scientist had bombarded it with treatments of Sivana's own "Suspendium" time-travel compound.

Question 4: In 2009, Doctor Sivana was ranked as ________'s 82nd Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

Question 5: He is eventually caught on live TV throwing ________ from the top of one of Mr Mind's war machines, and is arrested.
Marvel FamilyBlack AdamMary MarvelCaptain Marvel (DC Comics)

Question 6: Laughed out of society, Sivana took his family to the planet ________, where he stayed until his children were grown, and Earth not as backward as when he left it.
MarsVenusJupiterMercury (planet)

Question 7: Dr. Emil Gargunza, a major antagonist in ________ (né Marvelman), is based on Dr.
V for VendettaMarvelmanAlan MooreAlan Moore bibliography

Question 8: Sivana is a short, bald, self-described mad scientist with a penchant for developing unusual technologies, and who often plots to do away with Captain Marvel and his ________, but is often thwarted in his plans.
Mary MarvelMarvel FamilyCaptain Marvel (DC Comics)Captain Marvel Jr.

Question 9: Created by Bill Parker and C. C. Beck, he first appeared opposite superhero Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics #2 (February ________) by Fawcett Comics.

Question 10: In Jeff Smith's 2007 limited series Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil, Sivana is introduced in issue #2, as the new ________.
Robert F. KennedyUnited States Attorney GeneralAlberto GonzalesEric Holder


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