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Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi): Quiz


Question 1: Meanwhile, the Monitor, a being linked with all positive matter, senses his enemy, the ________, absorbing yet another positive-matter Earth with his antimatter cloud.
Superboy-PrimeBlack Lantern CorpsAnti-MonitorSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 2: Luckily, she is approached by Donna Troy, who joins the team alongside her friends Cyborg, ________, and Starfire.
Barbara GordonBatman franchise mediaDick GraysonBatman

Question 3: ________ #37 (April 1992); "Changing" – Doctor Light gets a new costume.
Justice League InternationalJustice League QuarterlyJustice League EuropeJustice League Task Force (comics)

Question 4: Doctor Light has joined the ________ a few times over the years, most notably as a member of Justice League Europe during the latter half of its incarnation.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)Justice LeagueSuper Friends

Question 5: ________ #54–56, 89–91
Justice League InternationalJustice League EuropeJustice League Task Force (comics)Justice League Quarterly

Question 6: In that same issue she was warned by ________, in the costume of the Silver Age Flash, of the escape of an enraged Superboy-Prime.
Flash (Barry Allen)Flash (comics)Wally WestBart Allen

Question 7: The article places a date on the city's destruction, which was depicted in the final 2 Pre-OYL ________ arcs, specifying that the event took place on May 15.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Hal JordanJohn Stewart (comics)Green Arrow

Question 8: It appeared that her de-powerment was temporary; in Infinite Crisis #5 (February 2006) she used her powers to aid in the evacuation of ________, Japan.
BeijingMinato, TokyoGreater Tokyo AreaTokyo

Question 9: ________ #7 Kimiyo battles the evil Doctor Light.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsOne Year LaterInfinite CrisisFinal Crisis

Question 10: While a member of the Justice League, Doctor Light formed significant friendships with The Flash (Wally West) and ________.
Superboy-PrimeSuperman (Earth-Two)Superboy (Kon-El)Power Girl

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