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Doctor Doom: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
What powers does Doctor Doom have?

Question 3: 1981 saw Marvel and ________ collaborate on another project.
SupermanSuperheroDC ComicsVertigo (DC Comics)

Question 4:
Who created Doctor Doom?

Question 5:
When did Doctor Doom make his debut?
New Excalibur #5
Fantastic Four Vol.1 #54
Fantastic Four vol.1 #51
Fantastic Four #5 .

Question 6: In the 2005 ________ film, he can manipulate and shoot electricity from his hands as a result of the exposure to cosmic rays.
Jack KirbySilver SurferFantastic FourStan Lee

Question 7:

Question 8: The series also set out to determine if Doom's path from troubled child to dictator was fated or Doom's own faults led to his corruption — in essence, a ________ question.
IntelligenceRichard LewontinNature versus nurtureIntelligence quotient

Question 9: A recurring supervillain and leader of the Marvel Universe nation of ________, Doom is both a genius inventor and a sorceror, and has fought numerous other superheroes in his various plots for power and/or revenge over the years.
Black Panther (comics)Civil War (comics)Stan LeeLatveria

Question 10: In 2005 and 2006, Doom was featured in his own limited series, Books of Doom, a retelling of the origin story by ________.
Eisner AwardEd BrubakerHarvey AwardVertigo (DC Comics)

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