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Question 1: He used a “gun carriage type” design consisting of a flat platform ("ground board") on which sits a rotating box with semicircular depressions cut in the top for the ________ bearings ("rocker" or "rocker box").
Atmospheric pressureAltimeterAltitudeSea level

Question 2: For the azimuth (side-to-side) motion Dobson used a combination of ________ blocks turning on a flat Formica covered surface.
PolytetrafluoroethyleneWallace CarothersDuPontNomex

Question 3: Dobsonians are popular in the ________ community, where the design was pioneered and continues to evolve.
Amateur astronomyDobsonian telescopeOptical telescopeAmateur telescope making

Question 4: Many designs have combined the advantages of a light ________ tube and a collapsible design.
Beam (structure)TrussTruss bridgeI-beam

Question 5: Dobson optimized the design for visual observation of faint objects such as star clusters, nebulae, and ________ (what Amateur Astronomers call deep sky objects).
Andromeda GalaxySpiral galaxyGalaxyMilky Way

Question 6: Designers started coming up with disassembleable or collapsible variants that could be brought to the site with a small SUV, ________, or even a sedan.
Station wagonSedan (automobile)AutomobileHatchback

Question 7: Digital setting circles: The invention of ________ based digital setting circles has allowed any altazimuth mounted telescope to be fitted or retrofitted with the ability to accurately display what coordinates the telescope is pointed at.
Microprocessor64-bitCentral processing unitReduced instruction set computer

Question 8: For the ________ (up-and-down) motion, Dobson used a large diameter axle "closet flange" turning on Teflon bearing blocks attached to the altitude cutouts.
AltitudeAtmospheric pressureAltimeterSea level

Question 9: This combined with a fast ________ make these telescopes ideal for dim deep sky objects.
HolographyApertureF-numberExposure (photography)

Question 10: A Dobsonian telescope is an alt-azimuth mounted ________ design popularized by the amateur astronomer John Dobson starting in the 1960s.
Reflecting telescopeNewton's reflectorNewtonian telescopeRefracting telescope


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