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DnB NOR: Quiz


Question 1: It was created when Gjensidige NOR was made a ________ to ensure that the companies' customers retained partial ownership of the company.
Public limited companyAksjeselskapNaamloze vennootschapAktiengesellschaft

Question 2: In ________, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania DnB NOR markets itself as DnB NORD in a joint venture with the German bank Norddeutsche Landesbank with DnB NOR owning 51%.

Question 3: The Group includes ________ such as DnB NOR, Vital, Nordlandsbanken, Cresco, Postbanken, DnB NORD and Carlson.
Product placementAdvertisingBrandBrand management

Question 4: DnB NOR's head office is located in ________.

Question 5: Postbanken offers its services through the post offices while Nordlandsbanken has its offices exclusively in the county of ________.

Question 6: Though both Postbanken and Nordlandsbanken are part of the company, they retain their own ________ and offices.
BrandProduct placementBrand managementAdvertising

Question 7: The foundation also can give up to 25% of its received ________ as gifts to charity.
EV/EBITDAReturn on equityDividendFinancial ratio

Question 8: DnB NOR ASA (OSE: DNBNOR) is ________'s largest financial services group with total assets of more than NOK 1.8 trillion.
NorwayUnited StatesGermanyPoland


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