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Djed: Quiz


Question 1: It has been interpreted as the backbone of the Egyptian god ________, especially in the form Banebdjedet (the ba of the lord of the Djedet).
OsirisAncient Egyptian religionSet (mythology)Isis

Question 2: During the Renewal Festival, the djed would be ceremonially raised as a ________ symbolising the "potency and duration of the pharaoh's rule".
PriapusGreek mythologyAphroditePhallus

Question 3: the Ankh - symbol of life - thoracic ________ of a bull (seen in cross section)
Vertebral columnVertebraCervical vertebraeLumbar vertebrae

Question 4: Gordon and Schwabe's speculation is based on the Egyptian belief that ________ (or more generally spoken - the source of life) was formed from spinal fluid.
Sexual intercourseMasturbationSemenOral sex

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