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Divisional General: Quiz


Question 1: The rank is mostly used in countries where it is used as a modern alternative to a previous older rank of ________.
Major GeneralBrigadierBrigadier GeneralMilitary rank

Question 2: The rank of Major-General is often considered confusing, since it is below Lieutenant-General, although a major is senior to a ________ (reflecting its origin as "Sergeant-Major-General").
MidshipmanSecond LieutenantMilitary rankLieutenant

Question 3: For convenience Divisional General is almost always translated into English as ________, the equivalent rank used by the UK, USA, etc., although this translation is, strictly speaking, incorrect.
Military rankMajor GeneralBrigadier GeneralBrigadier

Question 4: The rank is almost always above a rank corresponding to command of a ________, and normally below a rank corresponding to command of a corps.
RegimentBrigadeCompany (military unit)Battalion


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