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Question 1: Entry of such an equation into most ________ will result in an error message being issued.
Programmable calculatorPersonal computerCalculatorScientific calculator

Question 2: Division of any number by ________ (where the divisor is zero) is not defined.
1 (number)5 (number)Roman numerals0 (number)

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Division (mathematics) have?
Member for Martin
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick

Question 4: In ________, some numbers have a multiplicative inverse with respect to the modulus.
Modular arithmeticNumber theoryRing (mathematics)Mathematics

Question 5: In an ________ where such elements may not exist, division can still be performed on equations of the form ab = ac or ba = ca by left or right cancellation, respectively.
Integral domainPrime numberCommutative ringField (mathematics)

Question 6: A person can calculate division with a ________ by aligning the divisor on the C scale with the dividend on the D scale.
LogarithmNumberCalculatorSlide rule

Question 7: The ________ of the quotient of two functions is given by the quotient rule:
DerivativeDifferential calculusCalculusIntegral

Question 8: there exists a ________ b − 1 such that bb − 1 = b − 1b = 1 where 1 is the multiplicative identity).
Rational numberMultiplicative inverseGroup (mathematics)Division (mathematics)

Question 9: A person can calculate division with an ________ by repeatedly placing the dividend on the abacus, and then subtracting the divisor the offset of each digit in the result, counting the number of divisions possible at each offset.
0 (number)AbacusSuanpanArithmetic

Question 10: Division of two ________ results in another real number when the divisor is not 0.
Complex numberReal numberTranscendental numberIrrational number


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