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Divine presence: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - term used in various religions to refer to the presence of God as a "light".
George FoxClerk (Quaker)Inner lightYearly Meeting

Question 2: Such presence could be in the ________, but an unseen being that influences human perception would be perceived by human beings as an external, environmental, or natural entity.
Gottfried LeibnizMindAristotleMonism

Question 3: Divine presence, presence of God, or simply presence is a concept in religion, spirituality, and theology that deals with the ________ ability of a god and/or gods to be "present" with human beings.

Question 4: ________ - Judaism's term for a presence in a holy place (Tabernacle), and due to the symbolism of the tabernacle as representational of the human body or being, it likewise refers to the presence of God in the human being.
Yom KippurTemple in JerusalemShekhinahKabbalah

Question 5: Most gods are commonly understood to be capable of interacting with the natural world, and more importantly, with ________, such that they would be able to hold some influence with each and every human being.
MindHumanHomoHuman evolution

Question 6: According to monotheism, God is omnipresent and telepathic — he/she can read, see, interpret, evaluate, and understand all human thoughts and ________, and can project his or her will in various ways.
Henri BergsonConceptGilbert RyleGottfried Leibniz

Question 7: The ________ - (See also spirit, holiness) - Christianity
Holy SpiritApostle (Christian)New TestamentJesus

Question 8: ________ - the overt appearance of God to a person


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