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Question 1: If there is no economic increase in the value of the company's assets then the excess distribution (or dividend) will be a return of capital and the ________ of the company will have shrunk by an equal amount.
Stock marketReturn on equityBook valueFinancial ratio

Question 2: ________, on the other hand, allocate dividends according to members' activity, so their dividends are often considered to be a pre-tax expense.
CooperativeWorkers' self-managementLibertarian socialismFree school

Question 3: ________ dividends and bonuses, while typical of mutual insurance, are also paid by some joint stock insurers.
Health insurance in the United StatesWorkers' compensationLife insuranceDisability insurance

Question 4: ________ usually pay dividends on a fixed schedule, but may declare a dividend at any time, sometimes called a special dividend to distinguish it from a regular one.
Government-owned corporationStatutory corporationGovernment agencyPublic company

Question 5: For a ________, a dividend is allocated as a fixed amount per share.
CorporationJoint stock companyDutch East India CompanyLimited liability

Question 6: Shareholders in companies which pay little or no cash dividends can reap the benefit of the company's profits when they sell their shareholding, or when a company is wound down and all assets ________ and distributed amongst shareholders.
Liquidator (law)LiquidationUnfair preferenceFloating charge

Question 7: Producer cooperatives, such as ________, allocate dividends according to their members' contribution, such as the hours they worked or their salary.
Economic democracyWorkers' self-managementWorker cooperativeWorkplace democracy

Question 8: Dividends are payments made by a ________ to its shareholder members.
Corporate lawCompanies lawCorporationCompany

Question 9: For the joint stock company, paying dividends is not an expense; rather, it is the division of an ________ among shareholders.
Valuation (finance)Cash flow statementAssetBalance sheet

Question 10: In ________ and New Zealand, companies also forward franking credits or imputation credits to shareholders along with dividends.
United KingdomAustraliaCanadaBarbados

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