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Divided government: Quiz


Question 1: D and R denotes for the ________ and Republican Party (United States) respectively.
Barack ObamaJoe LiebermanJohn KerryDemocratic Party (United States)

Question 2: In recent years, however, it has become common, especially since the Watergate scandal of ________, prompting the ideology that a divided government is good for the country.
George H. W. BushRonald ReaganGerald FordRichard Nixon

Question 3: In ________ such as the United Kingdom, the executive relies on Parliamentary support for its existence.
MaltaBicameralismParliamentary systemCanada

Question 4: In the ________, divided government describes a situation in which one party controls the White House and another party controls one or both houses of the United States Congress.
United StatesPhilippinesAlaskaCanada

Question 5: Divided government is suggested by some to be an undesirable product of the ________ in the United States' political system.
Separation of powersConstitutionSeparation of powers under the United States ConstitutionUnited Kingdom


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