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Question 1: In many cases, ________ for diversity indices are biased, and it is therefore not always possible to compare similar values.
Normal distributionMaximum likelihoodEstimatorStandard deviation

Question 2: The observed number of species in the system is a ________ of the true species richness in the system, and the observed species number increases non-linearly with sampling effort.
Omitted-variable biasConfirmation biasSelection biasBias of an estimator

Question 3: ________ are used to measure diversity.
Lorenz curveDenmarkGini coefficientUnited States

Question 4: Note that a HHI is also used within sectors, to measure ________.
CompetitionEconomicsCompetition (economics)Human

Question 5: Shannon's diversity index is simply the ecologist's name for the communication entropy introduced by ________:
Claude ShannonJohn R. PierceGeorge DantzigNorbert Wiener

Question 6: It is in use in ecology to measure ________ in an ecosystem, and in economics to measure the distribution over sectors of economic activity in a region.
Conservation biologyNatureBiodiversityNatural environment


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