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Districts of Peru: Quiz


Question 1: A 1982 law requires a minimum of residents in an area for a new district to be legally established: 3,500 if it is located in the rainforest, 4,000 in the ________ highlands and 10,000 in the coastal area.
Physical geographyGran ChacoAndesGeography

Question 2: Once important settlements created during the era of colonization, they nowadays do not offer much space for ________.
Organic farmingIntensive farmingSustainable agricultureAgriculture

Question 3: A similar pattern can be observed in many districts located in the Peruvian ________.
Amazon RainforestAmazon RiverSouth AmericaBrazil

Question 4: This is a list of the top twenty Peruvian districts by population, population density, ________ and elevation (of the district's capital).

Question 5: Many lack financial means to govern their whole jurisdictions and they often have high ________ rates.

Question 6: These districts are old and tend to be smaller in area with high population densities since ________ times.
Pre-Columbian eraKennewick ManPaleo-IndiansIndigenous Amerindian genetics

Question 7: This is true of the colonized areas of the rainforest, the northern Andes as well as in the southern Andes from Huancayo to the shores of ________, which is the historical heartland of the Peruvian highlands.
Lake TiticacaBoliviaLa Paz Department, BoliviaPoopĆ³ Lake

Question 8: The districts of Peru (Spanish: distritos) are the third-level country subdivisions of ________.


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