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District Electoral Division: Quiz


Question 1: After the partition of Ireland and the establishment of ________, the new Unionist government proceeded to redraw District Electoral Division boundaries in the six counties making up the new state.
ScotlandIrish peopleUnited KingdomNorthern Ireland

Question 2: The Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898 established a system of ________ and Urban and Rural District Councils and the District Electoral Divisions were then used to elect members to the district councils, with groups of DEDs combining to elect members to County Councils.
Local Government Act 1972Greater LondonCounty councilCounty borough

Question 3: District Electoral Division boundaries also tend to bear little relation to the boundaries of natural communities in rural Ireland such as ________, with the result that most people will have little or no idea as to which Electoral Division they live in.

Question 4: ________, on the other hand, claimed that the boundaries were being redrawn so as to gerrymander local councils, producing Unionist-majority councils in areas where the majority of the population were Nationalist.
Irish republicanismNorthern IrelandHome Rule Act 1914Irish nationalism

Question 5: A District Electoral Division (often abbreviated as DED) was a low-level territorial division in ________.
Irish peopleIrelandWalesNorthern Ireland

Question 6: In 1994, both District Electoral Divisions and Wards (the equivalent of District Electoral Divisions within the five ________) were renamed as Electoral Divisions (the boundaries and names of the DEDs and Wards themselves remained unchanged).
Metropolitan countyMetropolitan boroughCityCounty borough


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