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Distributive justice: Quiz


Question 1: Proponents of distributive justice link it to the concepts of ________, human dignity, and the common good.
Reproductive rightsTortureHuman rightsCulture

Question 2: For example, someone who evaluates a situation by looking at the standard of living, absolute wealth, wealth disparity, or any other such ________ standard, is thinking in terms of distributive justice.
David HumeUtilitarianismPolitical philosophyDeontological ethics

Question 3: Generally, those people who hold ________ to be important, even implicitly, rely on notions of distributive justice.
EgalitarianismSlaveryUniversal suffrageTorture

Question 4: ________ (1987): "Distributive justice,"The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, v.
Paul KrugmanJoseph StiglitzEdmund PhelpsClive Granger

Question 5: Post-apartheid ________ is an example of a country that deals with issues of re-allocating resources with respect to the distributive justice framework.
MauritiusSouth AfricaSierra LeoneCanada

Question 6: However, not all advocates of ________ theories are concerned with an equitable society.
ConsequentialismUtilitarianismJeremy BenthamJohn Stuart Mill

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