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Question 1: ________ and wine are limited to a maximum alcohol content of about 15% ABV, as most yeasts cannot reproduce when the concentration of alcohol is above this level; consequently, fermentation ceases at that point.
Alcoholic beverageBockBeerBrewing

Question 2: A notable drawback to this technique is that it concentrates toxins such as ________ and fusel alcohols, rather than reducing concentrations.
Acetic acidPropan-1-olMethanolIsopropyl alcohol

Question 3: By that time, distilled spirits had become fairly popular beverages: the poet ________ (d.
BaghdadAbu NuwasOne Thousand and One NightsPersian literature

Question 4: ________ gave alcohol its modern name, taking it from the Arabic word which means "finely divided", in reference to what is done to wine.
ParacelsusNazi GermanySpainGermany

Question 5: They first appeared under the name aqua ardens (burning water) in the Compendium Salerni from the medical school at ________.
SalernoAltavilla SilentinaAgropoliAmalfi

Question 6: ________ are created by adding a distilled beverage (often brandy) to a wine.
Madeira wineSherryFortified wineDessert wine

Question 7: Microdistilling is a trend that began to develop in the ________ following the emergence and immense popularity of microbrewing and craft beer in the last decades of the 20th century.
CanadaAlaskaPhilippinesUnited States

Question 8: The spirit is served with a simple mixer such as club soda, tonic water, juice, or ________.
Coca-ColaColaRed Bull ColaPepsi

Question 9: A distilled beverage, liquor, or spirit is a drinkable liquid containing ethanol that is produced by ________, or less commonly freeze distilling, fermented grain, fruit, or vegetables.
DistillationAzeotropeLiquid-liquid extractionSpinning cone

Question 10: [5] Although illegal, ________ has a long tradition in some locations.
EthanolAlcoholic beverageMoonshineRum

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