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Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire: Quiz


Question 1: On November 13 a bomb exploded in ________'s palace, which killed five German officers but missed the Enver Pasha.
İsmail EnverWorld War ICaucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

Question 2: Elections were held throughout ________ and with the participation of some parliamentarians, who had escaped from Constantinople, a new government was formed in Ankara.
IstanbulAnatoliaTurkish peopleTurkey

Question 3: Hussein was the official leader of the ________ against the Ottomans.
Sinai and Palestine CampaignWorld War IArmenian GenocideArab Revolt

Question 4: Instead the offer went to William of Wied, a German prince who accepted and became sovereign of the new ________.
History of AlbaniaAlbanian KingdomHistory of the Albanian statePrincipality of Albania

Question 5: In 1914, ________ of the Russian Caucasus Army at the battle of Sarikamis
Bohdan KhmelnytskyKuban CossacksZaporozhian CossacksCossacks

Question 6: On March 3, 1918, the Grand vizier Talat Pasha signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the ________.
Moldavian Soviet Socialist RepublicSoviet UnionRussian Soviet Federative Socialist RepublicUkrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

Question 7: However it was the issue over the status of ________ that came to be the only long-lived result, as its outcome was formal independence for Kuwait.
KuwaitUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi ArabiaQatar

Question 8: Seventy year old priest leading Armenians during ________
Van ResistanceArmenian resistance (1914–1918)Armenian irregular units1896 Ottoman Bank Takeover

Question 9: The new constitution, aimed to bring more sovereignty to the public, could not address certain public services, such as the ottoman public debt, the ________ or Ottoman Public Debt Administration because of their international character.
IstanbulOttoman BankTurkish peopleAnkara

Question 10: Heads of Macedonian bands (ITRO) fraternized with the members of the "________"; Greeks and Bulgarians embraced one another under the second biggest party "Liberal Union".
Committee of Union and ProgressArmenian GenocidePeople's Federative Party (Bulgarian Section)Armenian Revolutionary Federation


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