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Question 1: It has been speculated that the President at the time, ________, would not have allowed a dissolution had Reynolds requested one.
Charles McDonald (Irish politician)Mary RobinsonDes HanafinWilliam Ryan (Irish politician)

Question 2: The President may only deny such a dissolution if the Taoiseach has lost the confidence of the Dáil, through a ________ (or, it could be argued, after a Budget or other important bill has failed to pass).
Prime ministerMotion of no confidencePresidential systemUnited States

Question 3: The House of Representatives of the ________ can be dissolved at any time by the Emperor on the advice of the Prime Minister.
Congress of the PhilippinesSupreme Assembly of TajikistanNational Assembly of ThailandDiet of Japan

Question 4: In parliamentary systems, a dissolution of parliament is the dispersal of a legislature at the call of an ________.
ElectionReferendumElectoral reformGerrymandering

Question 5: Dáil Éireann (the Irish Lower House) can be dissolved by the President, on the advise of the ________.
Opposition Front Bench (Ireland)TaoiseachBrian CowenTánaiste

Question 6: Labour however went into Government with the main opposition party, ________.
Fine GaelDublin North West (Dáil Éireann constituency)Irish general election, 2007Irish general election, 2002

Question 7: This has never happened, and, in the past, ________ have requested dissolutions before votes of no confidence have taken place, so as to force a General Election rather than a handover of Government.
Brian CowenOpposition Front Bench (Ireland)TaoiseachTánaiste

Question 8: Before the new constitution was enacted, President ________ had dissolved the Supreme Soviet of Russia during the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993,[1] although he did not have the formal constitutional powers to do so.
Boris YeltsinPerestroikaMikhail GorbachevRonald Reagan

Question 9: The time for which Parliament can sit without dissolution can be extended with the approval of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords; however, legislation to extend the life of parliament is the sole matter over which the Lords still retain a ________.
United States CongressUnited StatesHungaryVeto

Question 10: The incumbent Taoiseach, ________ was obliged constitutionally to resign, however he initially refused to.
Garret FitzGeraldJack LynchCharles HaugheyBertie Ahern


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