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Question 1: On 17 July, the Slovak ________ adopted the Declaration of independence of the Slovak nation.
BicameralismParliamentary systemUnicameralismParliament

Question 2: Furthermore, it has become customary that the elected presidents pay their first and last official "foreign" visits during their term to the other republic of former ________.
Czechoslovak Socialist RepublicCzech RepublicCzechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czechoslovakia

Question 3: In their qualifying section for the ________, the Czechoslovakia national football team competed under the name RCS which stood for "Representation of Czechs and Slovaks".
1990 FIFA World CupFIFA World Cup goalscorers1994 FIFA World Cup1994 FIFA World Cup squads

Question 4: Trade relationships were re-established and stabilized, and the ________ continues to be Slovakia's most important business partner.
HungaryPolandCzech RepublicCroatia

Question 5: Border checks were completely removed on 21 December 2007 when both countries joined the ________.
European integrationMulti-speed EuropeSchengen AgreementEuropean Union

Question 6: Many Czechs and Slovaks desired the continued existence of a ________ Czechoslovakia.
RepublicConfederationFederationFederal republic

Question 7: This can be contrasted to the dissolution of the Soviet Union where the ________ was recognized as successor state to the USSR.
United StatesRussiaRussian cultureMoscow

Question 8: Therefore, Czechoslovakia's membership in the ________ ceased upon dissolution of the country - on 19 January 1993 the Czech and Slovak Republics were admitted to the UN as new and separate states.
Israel, Palestine, and the United NationsUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited NationsUnited Nations Security Council

Question 9: At the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1993 in Falun, Sweden, the ski jumping team competed as a combined ________-Slovakia team in the team large hill event, winning a silver.
CroatiaCzech RepublicHungaryPoland

Question 10: The ________ and Slovakia, which have arisen in 1969 within the framework of Czechoslovak federalization, become immediate subjects of the international law in 1993.
CroatiaPolandCzech RepublicHungary


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