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Question 1: It may refer also to some spontaneous natural process of disassembly as in ________.
Pulmonary embolismPulmonary hypertensionAortic dissectionHypertension

Question 2: The term is also used in relation to mechanisms, computer programs, written materials, etc., as a synonym for terms such as ________ or literary deconstruction.
Embedded systemClean room designReverse engineeringComputer software

Question 3: The term is now almost entirely used in a pejorative sense by those who oppose ________ of any sort.
Animal testing on invertebratesAnimal testingAnimal testing on non-human primatesGreat ape research ban

Question 4: Dissection is often performed as a part of determining a cause of death in ________ (on humans) and necropsy (on animals) and is an intrinsic part of forensic medicine, such as would be practiced by a coroner.
PathologyAnatomical pathologyAutopsyForensic pathology

Question 5: Dissection is usually performed by students in courses of biology, botany and anatomy and in association with medical and ________ studies.
Fine artThe artsPerforming artsHumanities

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