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Question 1: Common applications for electronic visual displays are television sets or ________.
Computer monitorFloppy diskVideo cardUniversal Serial Bus

Question 2: ________ (most common, digits only)
Arabic numeralsSeven-segment display character representationsCalculator spellingSeven-segment display

Question 3: ________, where numerous display devices can be seen in use
Broadway (New York City)Sutton Place, ManhattanTimes SquareBowery

Question 4: A display device is an output device for presentation of ________ for visual, tactile or auditive reception, acquired, stored, or transmitted in various forms.
Artificial intelligenceInformationSystems engineeringElectrical engineering

Question 5: ________ displays (OLED)
Plasma displayOrganic LEDLiquid crystal displayLarge-screen television technology

Question 6: They are mostly used in ________ and pocket calculators.
Chronometer watchClockMarine chronometerWatch

Question 7: ________ (LED) displays
LED lampLight-emitting diodeFluorescent lampGas-discharge lamp

Question 8: Electronic displays are available for presentation of ________, tactile and auditive information.
Visual systemRetinaVisual perceptionOptic tract

Question 9: The segments are usually single ________ or liquid crystals.
LED lampGas-discharge lampLight-emitting diodeFluorescent lamp

Question 10: ________ (SED) (experimental)
Large-screen television technologySurface-conduction electron-emitter displayLCD televisionField emission display

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