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Question 1: The first commercially available renderer to implement a micropolygon displacement mapping approach through REYES was ________'s PhotoRealistic RenderMan.
Disney Consumer ProductsSteve JobsPixarDisney Hyperion

Question 2: For years, displacement mapping was a peculiarity of high-end rendering systems like PhotoRealistic RenderMan, while realtime APIs, like OpenGL and ________, lacked this possibility.
Microsoft Sync FrameworkMicrosoft Jet Database EngineMedia FoundationDirectX

Question 3: It has to be used in conjunction with adaptive ________ techniques (that increases the number of rendered polygons according to current viewing settings) to produce highly detailed meshes.

Question 4: Today, many ________ allow programmable shading which can create high quality (multidimensional) procedural textures and patterns at arbitrary high frequencies.
Rendering (computer graphics)Scientific visualization2D computer graphicsComputer graphics

Question 5: Examples include true ________- or subdivision surfaces.
Non-uniform rational B-splineSpline (mathematics)Computer graphicsBézier curve

Question 6: Displacement mapping includes the term mapping which refers to a ________ being used to modulate the displacement strength.
Texture filtering3D modelingBump mappingTexture mapping

Question 7: One of the reasons for this absence is that the original implementation of displacement mapping required an adaptive ________ of the surface in order to obtain micropolygons whose size matched the size of a pixel on the screen.

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