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  • in order to refloat her after running aground off Finland in 1918, SMS Rheinland (pictured) needed 6,400 metric tons of equipment removed, more than a third of her normal displacement?

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Question 1: The ________ (mass per unit of volume) of water can vary.

Question 2: [6] Since the 1970s, ________-based programs have been developing to meet these needs.
Personal computerMicrocomputerLaptopNetbook

Question 3: The standard displacement, also known as Washington disp, is a term defined in the ________.
Imperial Japanese NavyWashington Naval TreatyBattleshipEssex class aircraft carrier

Question 4: Greek philosopher ________ having his famous bath

Question 5: [6] The first were mechanical computers, similar to ________ which could convert cargo levels to values such as deadweight tonnage, draft, and trim.
LogarithmNumberSlide ruleCalculator


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