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Question 1: [15] "Disneyland with the Death Penalty" was assigned as reading on the topic of "Singaporean progress" for a 2008 ________ Writing & Critical Thinking course.
University of MalayaNational University of SingaporeWaseda UniversityNanyang Technological University

Question 2: The title "Disneyland with the Death Penalty" refers to the subject of the article, the Southeast Asian city-state of ________, whose strictly-guarded sterility Gibson describes with horror.

Question 3: He expresses reservations about the justice of capital punishment, and describes the Singaporeans as the true bearers of ________.
Zero toleranceItalyIllegal drug tradeBlood alcohol content

Question 4: He concludes that the 21st-century Singapore, effectively a single-party state and capitalist technocracy, is a product first and foremost of the vision of three-decade Prime Minister ________.
Goh Chok TongLee Hsien LoongS. RajaratnamLee Kuan Yew

Question 5: [1][3] He gives an overview of the ________ from the founding of modern Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 to the Japanese occupation and the establishment of the Republic in 1965.
Politics of SingaporeHistory of SingaporeHistory of MalaysiaTimeline of Singaporean history

Question 6: ________ characterised it as a "biting piece on the technocratic state in Singapore".
Star-BannerThe New York TimesThe Boston GlobeTelegram & Gazette

Question 7: Its title and central metaphor—Singapore as ________ with the death penalty—is a reference to the authoritarian artifice the author perceives the city-state to be.
Disneyland Monorail SystemDisney's California Adventure ParkDisneyland ResortDisneyland Park (Anaheim)

Question 8: Amidst the near total absence of ________ and counterculture, Gibson finds no trace of dissidence, an underground, or slums.
BohemianismCaspar David FriedrichWalter ScottCharles-Valentin Alkan

Question 9: Singaporeans are characterised as ________ of insipid taste.


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