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Question 1: Fairy Mary: (voiced by ________ in the films) Fairy Mary is a teacher-talent fairy and is pictured as a tiny winged, plump fairy with chestnut curls.
Brenda BlethynLittle Voice (film)Jim CartwrightJane Horrocks

Question 2: Fairies Magazine has been launched in Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Russia, Spain, the Nordic countries, Portugal, ________ and Benelux[5].

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Disney Fairies?

Question 6: Disney Fairies is a Disney franchise built around the character of ________, whom Disney adapted in their 1953 animated film Peter Pan and subsequently adopted as a mascot for the company.
Tinker Bell (film)Peter and WendyTinker BellCaptain Hook

Question 7:
When was Disney Fairies released?
October 1987

Question 8: Tinker Bell takes Prilla to see Mother Dove, but before the wise bird can advise Prilla, Never Land is shaken by a terrible ________.
RainTropical cycloneEye (cyclone)Tropical cyclone basins

Question 9: Fira is responsible for training all the ________ that light Pixie Hollow.

Question 10: Clank: (voiced by ________ in the films) Another tinker-talent sparrow man, and Bobble's best friend.
The Batman (TV series)Batman: The Brave and the BoldBatman: The Animated SeriesJeff Bennett


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