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Question 1: No batsman has been out hitting the ball twice in ________.
Twenty20Hong Kong International Cricket SixesOne Day InternationalTest cricket

Question 2: In the third, Smith was on 35 when he played back to ________ and trod on his stumps.
James Anderson (cricketer)Andrew FlintoffIan BothamPaul Collingwood

Question 3: A batsman can be dismissed in a number of ways, the most common being bowled, caught, ________ (LBW), stumped and run out.
Dismissal (cricket)Stump (cricket)CricketLeg before wicket

Question 4: For the purposes of calculating a ________, retired out is considered a dismissal.
Batting averageOn-base percentageGrand slam (baseball)Home run

Question 5: ________ - for India v Sri Lanka in October 1989 (Amarnath pushed a ball away from his stumps)
Kapil DevSunil GavaskarMohinder AmarnathYashpal Sharma

Question 6: Additionally, in ________ it is necessary for a side fielding last to have dismissed ten players of the opposing team in their final innings to achieve victory.
Test cricketTwenty20One Day InternationalHong Kong International Cricket Sixes

Question 7: Also, a player may be given out if they deliberately hit a ball being thrown back to the keeper whilst being out of their crease, as happened to ________ (see below).
Abdul Razzaq (cricketer)Shoaib AkhtarMohammad YousufInzamam-ul-Haq

Question 8: ________ - for Pakistan v India in February 2006 (Inzamam blocked a fielder's return throw with his bat while short of the crease)[15].
Mohammad YousufShoaib AkhtarAbdul Razzaq (cricketer)Inzamam-ul-Haq

Question 9: Law 36 : ________ (LBW)
Leg before wicketStump (cricket)CricketDismissal (cricket)

Question 10: In the sport of cricket, a dismissal occurs when the ________ is out (also known as the fielding side taking a wicket and/or the batting side losing a wicket).
Ricky PontingDonald BradmanKevin PietersenBatting (cricket)


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