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Question 1: In the early days of ________, memory space was often limited, so the disk operating system was an extension of the operating system.
Personal computerMicrocontrollerMicrocomputerHome computer

Question 2: ________, which was used by the Atari 8-bit family of computers.
Disk formattingAtari DOSSpartaDOS XDOS XL

Question 3: GDOS and G+DOS, for the +D and DISCiPLE disk interfaces for the ________.
SAM CoupéZX81Sinclair ResearchZX Spectrum

Question 4: The DOS operating system for the ________'s Apple II family of computers.
Mac OS XApple Inc.MacintoshIntel Corporation

Question 5: In the early days of computers, there were no disk drives; delay lines, punched cards, ________, magnetic tape, magnetic drums, were used instead.
Paper data storagePunched tapePiano rollTicker tape

Question 6: Disc Filing System (DFS) This was an optional component for the ________, offered as a kit with a disk controller chip, a ROM chip, and a handful of logic chips, to be installed inside the computer.
BBC MicroBBC MasterAcorn ComputersAcorn Archimedes

Question 7: This was the primary operating system for this family from 1979 with the introduction of the floppy disk drive until 1983 with the introduction of ________; many people continued using it long after that date.
Apple DOSApple ProDOSApple SOSApple GS/OS

Question 8: Such software is referred to as a disk operating system when the storage devices it manages are made of rotating platters (such as hard disks or ________).
Hard disk driveUSB flash driveFile Allocation TableFloppy disk

Question 9: Examples include DOS/360 and ________.

Question 10: On the ________ platform, an entire family of operating systems was called DOS.
IBM PC compatibleMacintoshWintelPersonal computer


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