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Dishonesty: Quiz


Question 1: Dishonesty in ________ is more complex and has been subject to a number of incomplete and unsatisfactory definitions.
LawXeerShariaScots law

Question 2: For the purposes of the ________, dishonesty is a separate element to be proved.
Deception offencesEnglish criminal lawConsent (criminal law)Omission (criminal law)

Question 3: "Were the person's actions honest according to the standards of reasonable and honest people?" If a ________ decides that they were, then the defendant's claim to be honest will be credible.
JuryJury trialJury nullificationGrand jury

Question 4: Dishonesty is the fundamental component of a majority of offences relating to the acquisition, conversion and disposal of property (tangible or intangible) defined in the ________.
DuressFraudTortCriminal law

Question 5: For many years, there were two views in ________.
English lawScots lawContemporary Welsh LawNorthern Ireland law

Question 6: For example, when ________ robbed the Sheriff of Nottingham he knew that he was, in effect, stealing from the Crown, was acting dishonestly and would have been properly convicted of robbery.
Will ScarletFriar TuckMaid MarianRobin Hood


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