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Disgust: Quiz


Question 1: It invokes a characteristic facial expression, one of ________'s six universal facial expressions of emotion.
MicroexpressionAngerHappinessPaul Ekman

Question 2: Wilson links ________ to disgust primarily as a consequence rooted in self-consciousness.

Question 3: Disgust may be further subdivided into physical disgust, associated with physical or metaphorical unclean liness, and ________ disgust, a similar feeling related to courses of action.
ConscienceMoral relativismVirtueMorality

Question 4: Recent studies have found that ________[2] and children were more sensitive to disgust than men.

Question 5: The American philosopher ________ published Hiding From Humanity: Disgust, Shame, and the Law in 2004; the book examines the relationship of disgust and shame to a society's laws.
PlatoAristotleMartha NussbaumImmanuel Kant

Question 6: Disgust has also figured prominently in philosophy in that ________ became disgusted with the music and orientation of Richard Wagner, as well as other aspects of 19th century culture and morality.
Immanuel KantFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelExistentialism

Question 7: Unlike the emotions of fear, ________, and sadness, disgust is associated with a decrease in heart rate.

Question 8: Disgust is an ________ that is typically associated with things that are regarded as unclean, inedible, infectious, or otherwise offensive.
PsychologyPositive psychologyEmotionEvolutionary psychology

Question 9: For example, "I am disgusted by the stench and sight of that heap of rotting viscera." In The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, ________ wrote that disgust refers to something revolting.
EvolutionCharles DarwinCharles Darwin's religious viewsCharles Darwin's education

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