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Question 1: Disguises are used by criminals such as ________ and by spies seeking to avoid identification.
Bank robberyCrimeJohn DillingerWillie Sutton

Question 2: ________ is one type of disguise for people, animals and objects.
Military camouflageConvergent evolutionCrypsisCamouflage

Question 3: ________ often disguised himself as somebody else to avoid being recognized.
John Watson (Sherlock Holmes)Sherlock HolmesProfessor MoriartyArthur Conan Doyle

Question 4: In ________ and superhero stories, disguises are used to hide secret identities and keep special powers secret from ordinary people.
Graphic novelAmerican comic bookComicsComic book

Question 5: Disguises change appearance with costume or other means of ________ so that true identity is hidden.
Psychological manipulationConfidence trickPropagandaDeception

Question 6: For example, Superman passes himself off as ________, and Spiderman disguises himself in a costume so that he cannot be recognized as Peter Parker.
KryptoniteClark KentLois LaneJimmy Olsen

Question 7: In ________, aliens often take on a human appearance wearing "human suits" as a disguise.
Science fictionScience fiction fandomCyberpunkAlternate history

Question 8: A well-known person or ________ may choose to go "incognito" in order to avoid unwelcome press attention.
SupermanStan LeeSuperheroCelebrity

Question 9: In ________ and films disguises are used by superheroes and in science fiction by aliens.
Comic bookComicsAmerican comic bookGraphic novel

Question 10: The use of disguise is sometimes employed in ________.
PropagandaDisinformationAd hominemIndoctrination


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