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Question 1: Orcs: ________ are a near extinct race who were bred/made from men (as goblins, according to Lord Vetenari, were not vicious enough) to be weapons in a great war.
OrcOrc (Middle-earth)DwarfMiddle-earth

Question 2: The calendar in general use in the Sto Plains and ________ ("Ankh-Morpork years") uses the agricultural year, and counts from the founding of Unseen University.
Discworld charactersDiscworld geographyDiscworld (world)Discworld

Question 3: The habit of many Discworlders to take ________ literally has combined with the power of belief to produce some very odd areas.

Question 4: On the Disc, magic is broken into elementary particulate fragments in much the same way that energy and other forces are in ________.
Wave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanicsSchrödinger equation

Question 5: Witches often employ narrative in their magic, but consider it ethically tricky since it is interfering with ________.
Friedrich NietzscheAristotleFree willImmanuel Kant

Question 6: After The Colour of Magic, both the colour and the number eight no longer appeared as dangerous; this is possibly due to certain actions by ________ during the book.
Discworld charactersDiscworld (world)RincewindDiscworld

Question 7: The Disc's nature is fundamentally ________; its basic composition is determined by what it is ultimately meant to be.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelTeleologyMaterialismAristotle

Question 8: Very high quantities of magic can knock a hole in reality, leading to an invasion by Lovecraftian monstrosities from the ________, or, almost as bad, the world of the Elves.
Discworld (world)Other dimensions of the DiscworldDiscworld geographyDiscworld characters

Question 9: The ________ is a region that, according to the Omnian religion, souls cross to pass into the next world.
Other dimensions of the DiscworldDiscworld charactersDiscworld (world)Discworld

Question 10: While the city of Ankh Morpork attracts many ________, these seldom return home and instead send letters, and possibly money, back to their relatives.
Immigration to EuropeImmigration to SpainImmigrationImmigration to the United Kingdom since 1922

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