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Discovery (observation): Quiz


Question 1: New discoveries are acquired through various senses and are usually assimilated tumbling with pre-existing ________ and actions.

Question 2: In ________, Greek philosophers realized that the Earth was round by the fourth century BCE; non-western cultures noticed it even earlier.
Modern historyWestern cultureWestern worldEurope

Question 3: Western culture has used the term "discovery" in their histories to subtly emphasize the importance of "exploration" in the history of the world, such as in the "________".
Portuguese EmpireAge of DiscoveryPortuguese discoveriesSpanish Empire

Question 4: Discovery ________ form acts of detecting and learning something.
DeterminismPseudoscienceObservationScientific method

Question 5: Discoveries are mainly acquired through ________.
QuestionInterrogative moodGerman languageInflection

Question 6: Some observational discoveries lead to ________ of object, process, or techniques.
English inventions and discoveriesInventionDutch inventions and discoveriesFrench inventions and discoveries

Question 7: ________ discovery of the electron model.
J. J. ThomsonWilliam Henry BraggJohn Strutt, 3rd Baron RayleighMarie Curie

Question 8: ________ is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.


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