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Question 1: Most issues contained an in-depth essay by a well-known scientist, such as Stephen Jay Gould, ________, or Stephen Hawking.
James D. WatsonJohn G. ThompsonE. O. WilsonJared Diamond

Question 2: Science Digest turned to fringe topics, and was for a short period "into" ________, before attempting to return to a pure news format again, and then going bankrupt.
Ball lightningExtraterrestrial lifeMethaneSpontaneous human combustion

Question 3: ________ bought the magazine when Family Media went out of business in 1991.
The Walt Disney CompanyWalt Disney Parks and ResortsDisneyland ResortWalt Disney Animation Studios

Question 4: Discover is a science magazine that publishes articles about ________ for a general audience.
Social sciencesPseudoscienceScienceScientific method


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