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Question 1: Ubiquitous throughout Christianity is the practice of ________, making new disciples.
JesusProselytismReligious conversionMissionary

Question 2: The word disciple is used today as a way of self-identification for those who seek to learn from the teachings of Jesus, such as the ________.
GospelNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeDisciple (Christianity)Sermon on the Mount

Question 3: Paul named him the Apostle to the Jews, as Paul claimed the title Apostle to the Gentiles, see also ________.
Circumcision controversy in early ChristianityReligious male circumcisionBibleBiblical law in Christianity

Question 4: In addition to the Twelve, the ________ and the Book of Acts refer to varying numbers of disciples that range between 70 and 120 to a "growing multitude".
Apostle (Christian)GospelNew TestamentJesus

Question 5: ________ (called the son of Zebedee by Mark and Matthew)
Thomas the ApostleSaint PeterJude the ApostleJames, son of Zebedee

Question 6: They are sometimes referred to as "the Seventy" or "the ________".
JesusGospelNew TestamentSeventy Disciples

Question 7: The term disciple is derived from the ________ word "μαθητής".
Koine GreekGreek languageAncient GreekAncient Greek dialects

Question 8: By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (NRSV) Further definition by Jesus can be found in the ________, Chapter 14.
Gospel of LukeGospel of MarkGospel of JohnGospel of Matthew

Question 9: The word disciple appears two hundred and thirty two times in the four ________ and
GospelApostle (Christian)New TestamentJesus

Question 10: In the ________, the disciples were the students of Jesus during his ministry.
Timeline of ChristianityHistory of ChristianityHistory of the Catholic ChurchHistory of medieval Christianity

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