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Question 1: Charismatics consider it to be a charism or spiritual gift that supernaturally enables a ________ believer to distinguish between holy and unholy spirits through the power of the Holy Spirit.
ChristianCatholic ChurchJesusChristianity

Question 2: For ________, the discernment of spirits is part of everyone's spiritual journey.
Ignatius of LoyolaFrancis XavierRobert BellarminePierre Teilhard de Chardin

Question 3: Again, most do not realize the ________ going on all around and within them.
Protestant ReformationNew TestamentBiblical canonSpiritual warfare

Question 4: Objectively, one can know what is right from looking at the Ten Commandments and the ________ in a thorough examination of conscience.
LustPrideSeven deadly sinsAnger

Question 5: All moral conduct may be summed up in the rule: avoid ________ and do good.
Jewish philosophyChristian philosophyPhilosophyEvil

Question 6: ________, disturbances of the imagination and errors of sensibility, thwart or pervert the operations of the intellect and will, by deterring the one from the true and the other from the good (Genesis 8:21; James 1:14).
ChristianityNew TestamentConcupiscenceBaptism

Question 7: This gift is thought to be especially necessary in instances when individuals may need to be delivered or healed of ________.
DemonologyDemonic possessionGhostExorcism

Question 8: In today's world, people are led astray by complacency and temptation to live only for and in this world {see ________ 25:29}).
Gospel of MatthewGospel of LukeGospel of JohnGospel of Mark

Question 9: This article incorporates text from the public-domain ________ of 1913.
Catholic EncyclopediaCatholic ChurchUnited StatesPope John Paul II

Question 10: In the language of Christian ________, spirits, in the broad sense, is the term applied to certain complex influences, capable of impelling the will, the ones toward good, the others toward evil.


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