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Question 1: In ________, single majorities are sufficient at the town, city, and canton level, but at the national level, double majorities are required on constitutional matters.

Question 2: Direct democracy, classically termed pure democracy,[1] is a form of ________ and a theory of civics in which sovereignty is lodged in the assembly of all citizens who choose to participate.
DemocracyJohn LockeGottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianism

Question 3: ________ - direct democracy party and experiment in Sweden

Question 4: ________ incorporates elements of both direct democracy and representative democracy.
Deliberative democracyLiberal democracyTotalitarian democracyAnticipatory democracy

Question 5: The ________ in particular refers to representative democracy as "bourgeois democracy," implying that they see direct democracy as "true democracy."[3]
Communist Party USAYoung Communist League, USARevolutionary Communist Party, USAParty for Socialism and Liberation

Question 6: ________) cannot be passed in Switzerland at the national level if a majority of the people approve, but a majority of the cantons disapprove (Kobach, 1993).
FederalismInternational relationsPolitical partyInitiative

Question 7: ________ - Militant poor people's movement in Cape Town
Take Back the LandAbahlali baseMjondoloWestern Cape Anti-Eviction CampaignSikhula Sonke

Question 8: A ________ is a school that centers on providing a democratic educational environment featuring "full and equal" participation from students and staff.
Boarding schoolList of democratic schoolsFree schoolAcademy (English school)

Question 9: ________ - South African shack dwellers' movement
Landless Workers' MovementAbahlali baseMjondoloWestern Cape Anti-Eviction CampaignTake Back the Land

Question 10: Depending on the particular system, this assembly might pass executive motions, make ________, elect or dismiss officials, and conduct trials.
Scots lawXeerShariaLaw


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