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Question 1: In practice, any military operation that operates at least partially out of uniform may be considered ________.
Unlawful combatantCombatant Status Review TribunalEnhanced interrogation techniquesGuantanamo Bay detention camp

Question 2: Under the US ________'s National Clandestine Service, there is a Special Activities Division that operates without apparent national identification.
Central Intelligence AgencyCold WarDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security Agency

Question 3: ________ was a long-range US raid, in 1970, to rescue POWs believed to be held in the Son Tay prison camp.
Operation Ivory CoastOperation Linebacker IIEaster OffensiveOperation Linebacker

Question 4: The air attack was cancelled, however, and the mission assigned to helicopter-carried ________ special operations troops, who believed they could capture the radar, and return at least significant pieces.
Sayeret MatkalIsraeli Air ForceOperation EntebbeIsrael Defense Forces

Question 5: Countries do not always honor this legal protection, as with the Nazi ________ of WWII, which was held illegal at the Nuremberg trials.
Nuremberg TrialsBritish CommandosSpecial Operations ExecutiveCommando Order

Question 6: The British ________ pioneered in vehicle SR, going back to North Africa in WWII.
British ArmySpecial Boat ServiceUnited KingdomSpecial Air Service

Question 7: ________, across inland water or from a surface ship or even a helicopter-launched boat
Traditional fishing boatsCanoeBoatHull (watercraft)

Question 8: ________, using fast disembarking by rope, ladder, or fast exit, at night;

Question 9: It is possible that units of the Joint Special Operations Command or the frequently-renamed ________ may do ad hoc operations.
Delta Force160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (United States)United States Special Operations CommandIntelligence Support Activity

Question 10: Had the hostage rescue force in ________ actually moved into Tehran, they would have worn dark, nondescript clothing with American insignia under black tape.
Lockheed AC-130Operation Eagle ClawUnited States Special Operations CommandLockheed MC-130


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