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Question 1: Violent direct actions include sabotage, vandalism, ________, and murder.
ArsonTheftBattery (crime)Assault

Question 2: By contrast, grassroots organizing, electoral politics, diplomacy and negotiation or ________ does not constitute direct action.
LawMediationArbitrationAlternative dispute resolution

Question 3: Examples of nonviolent direct action include strikes, workplace occupations, sit-ins, and ________.
Hip-hop danceHip hopHip hop musicGraffiti

Question 4: It is central to autonomism and has been advocated by a variety of marxists and anarchists, including syndicalism, ________, insurrectionary anarchism, green anarchism, Marxist Humanists, anarcho-primitivist and pacifists.
Anarchist communismLibertarian socialismAnarchism and MarxismSocial anarchism

Question 5: ________ activists made headlines around the world in 1999, when they forced the Seattle WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 to end early with direct action tactics.
Anti-corporate activismAnti-consumerismAnti-globalization movementThe Yes Men

Question 6: solve perceived problems which traditional societal institutions (________, governments, powerful churches or establishment trade unions) are not addressing to the satisfaction of the direct action participants.
Companies lawCorporationCorporate lawCompany

Question 7: Direct actions are sometimes a form of ________, but some (such as strikes) do not always violate criminal law.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiHenry David ThoreauCivil disobedienceAnarchism

Question 8: One of the largest direct actions in recent years took place in San Francisco the day after the ________ began in 2003.
Vietnam WarUnited States Marine CorpsIraq WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 9: Many groups also set up semi-permanent "peace camps" outside air bases such as Molesworth and Greenham Common, and at the ________.
Trinity (nuclear test)Pacific Proving GroundsNevada Test SiteOperation Plumbbob

Question 10: ________ discussed changes in the aims of direct action in Certain Features of the Historical Development of Marxism in 1910.
Joseph StalinAlexander KerenskyNikita KhrushchevVladimir Lenin

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