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Question 1: Diplopia, commonly known as double vision, is the simultaneous ________ of two images of a single object.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantArthur SchopenhauerPerception

Question 2: In such a case while the ________ of one eye is directed at the object of regard, the fovea of the other is directed elsewhere, and the image of the object of regard falls on an extra-foveal area of retina.
Sensory systemPhotoreceptor cellFovea centralis in maculaCiliary muscle

Question 3: While this ability to suppress might seem a wholly positive adaptation to strabismus, in the developing child this can prevent the proper development of vision in the affected eye resulting in ________.

Question 4: If temporary double vision does not resolve quickly, one should see an ________ immediately.
SurgeryEye surgeryOphthalmologyMedicine

Question 5: Thus, those with childhood strabismus almost never complain of diplopia while adults who develop ________ almost always do.
MyopiaAmblyopiaStrabismusDuane syndrome

Question 6: Temporary diplopia can be caused by intoxication from ________ or head injuries, such as concussion.

Question 7: Binocular diplopia is double vision arising as a result of the misalignment of the two eyes relative to each other, such as occurs in ________ or exotropia.
EsotropiaBlindnessSixth nerve palsyStrabismus

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