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Question 1: Most diplomats have university degrees in international affairs, political science, ________, or law.
Keynesian economicsEconomicsMoneyHeterodox economics

Question 2: Whereas in the past ________ could write to his Secretary of State, "We have not heard from our Ambassador in Spain for two years.
Benjamin FranklinJohn AdamsThomas JeffersonJames Monroe

Question 3: Sir ________, acknowledged that diplomats can become "denationalised, internationalised and therefore dehydrated, an elegant empty husk".
Harold NicolsonOswald MosleyWinston ChurchillRamsay MacDonald

Question 4: It is less likely to be leaked, and enables more personal contact than the formal ________, with its wide distribution and impersonal style.
TelegraphyUnited KingdomRadioElectrical telegraph

Question 5: Diplomats are the oldest form of any of the foreign policy institutions of the state, predating foreign ministries, ________ and ministerial offices by centuries.
AzerbaijanCyprusMontenegroForeign minister

Question 6: A diplomat is a person appointed by a state to conduct ________ with another state or international organization.

Question 7: The ranks of diplomats - ________, envoys, ministers, and chargé d’affaires - are determined by international law, namely the Treaty of Vienna.
Diplomatic missionConsul (representative)AmbassadorDiplomatic rank


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