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Question 1: Such cases may also benefit from a switch to paregoric, ________, powdered or granulated opium, or B&O (i.e.

Question 2: ________ agents, excluding corticosteroids (Cromoglicic acid)
AllergenImmune systemAutoimmunityCell-mediated immunity

Question 3: Very dilute syrups of ________ containing three or more other active ingredients were also Schedule V and often available without prescription until rescheduling to Schedule III circa or about 1990.

Question 4: Diphenoxylate itself crosses the ________.
MeningitisImmune systemBlood-brain barrierAIDS

Question 5: Unscheduled narcotics and opioid agonists include loperamide (OTC), nalbuphine (Rx), and ________ (Rx).

Question 6: Other Schedule IV narcotics also include butorphanol nasal spray, pentazocine, ________-based mixtures and others of the same type.

Question 7: seq.) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the ________ (DEA) in the United States when used in preparations.
United States AttorneyUnited States Attorney GeneralUnited States Marshals ServiceDrug Enforcement Administration

Question 8: Antibiotics (Neomycin, Nystatin, Natamycin, Streptomycin, Polymyxin B, Paromomycin, ________, Kanamycin, Vancomycin, Colistin, Rifaximin)
MetronidazoleClotrimazoleAmphotericin BMiconazole

Question 9: 1/8 of a grain of ________ phosphate per tablet) are more restricted and therefore all Schedule III.

Question 10: When diphenoxylate is used alone, it is classified as a ________; having one or more other active ingredients makes it Schedule V.
Single Convention on Narcotic DrugsPsychoactive drugHeroinDrug prohibition law

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