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Diorite: Quiz


Question 1: [2] The use of diorite in art was most important among very early Middle Eastern civilizations such as ________, Babylonia, Assyria and Sumer.
Alexander the GreatNew KingdomPtolemaic KingdomAncient Egypt

Question 2: Diorite (pronounced /ˈdaɪəraɪt/) is a grey to dark grey intermediate intrusive igneous rock composed principally of plagioclase ________ (typically andesine), biotite, hornblende, and/or pyroxene.

Question 3: When olivine and more ________-rich augite are present, the rock grades into ferrodiorite, which is transitional to gabbro.

Question 4: ________, apatite, sphene, magnetite, ilmenite and sulfides occur as accessory minerals.

Question 5: The extrusive ________ equivalent rock type is andesite.

Question 6: Diorites may be associated with either ________ or gabbro intrusions, into which they may subtly merge.
GraniteIgneous rockBasaltFelsic

Question 7: Diorite was used by both the ________ and Mayan civilizations, but mostly for fortress walls, weaponry, etc.
Francisco PizarroPre-Columbian eraInca civilizationInca Empire

Question 8: It is so hard that ancient civilizations (such as ________) used diorite balls to work granite.
Ancient EgyptAlexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomNew Kingdom

Question 9: It may contain small amounts of quartz, microcline and ________.
Igneous rockOlivineForsteriteBasalt

Question 10: It was so valued in early times that the first great Mesopotamian empire -- the Empire of Sargon of ________ -- listed the taking of diorite as a purpose of military expeditions.
SumerAkkadian EmpireNeo-Assyrian EmpireAbbasid Caliphate


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