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Dionysius Exiguus: Quiz


Question 1: Kepler chose this year because ________ stated that a lunar eclipse occurred shortly before Herod's death.
JesusJosephusFirst Jewish–Roman WarHerod the Great

Question 2: Kepler was the first to note that Christ was born during the reign of King ________ (Matthew 2:1–18), whose death he placed in 4 BC.
Herod the GreatJesusSaint JosephBiblical Magi

Question 3: In 525, Dionysius prepared a table of the future dates of ________ and a set of "arguments" explaining their calculation (computus) on his own initiative, not at the request of Pope John.
Liturgical yearJesusPassoverEaster

Question 4: The Latin word nulla meaning no/none was used because no ________ for zero existed.
Roman numeralsRoman Republican currencyRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 5: They covered a period of 95 years or five decennovenal (19-year) cycles with years dated in the ________ Era, whose first year was 285 (the modern historical year in progress at Easter).
GaleriusDiocletianMaximianConstantine I

Question 6: Ever since the second century, some bishoprics in the Eastern Roman Empire had counted years from the birth of Christ, but there was no agreement on the correct epoch — ________ (c.
OrigenClement of AlexandriaOrthodox ChurchChurch Fathers

Question 7: The most that he may have done was convert its arguments from the Alexandrian calendar into the ________.
Gregorian calendarIslamic calendarChronologyJulian calendar

Question 8: These works in volume 67 of the 217 volume ________ also include a letter from Bishop Proterius of Alexandria to Pope Leo (written before 457).
Patrologia LatinaPope Alexander IIIPope CorneliusPope Gregory I

Question 9: The Church of the Franks (France) accepted them during the late eighth century under the tutelage of ________, after he arrived from Britain.

Question 10: The Anno Domini era became dominant in Western Europe only after it was used by the Venerable ________ to date the events in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, completed in 731.
John ChrysostomBedeCatholic ChurchPope Gregory I


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